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Mobile Apps for Integrated Risk

Conduct Key Risk, Compliance and Audit Programs on Mobile

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MetricStream Mobile Apps

MetricStream Mobile Apps for integrated risk enable you to access and manage key information and processes on mobile. You get all the vital risk, audit, and compliance information you need at a glance, wherever you go. MetricStream Mobile Apps simplify remote access, drive quick decisions, and ease information capture. By leveraging mobile apps, you can perform quick field checks, populate findings, and update mass information into a centralized database all through your mobile device. Moreover, the mobile apps integrate with device cameras, GPS and voice functions for advanced capabilities.

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  MetricStream Mobile Apps

We empower organizations to transform risk into a strategic advantage

Business Value Delivered

  • MetricStream Mobile Apps empower stakeholders with quick and easy access—anytime anywhere, on any device Record and view information at remote locations even with no network connectivity.
  • Access seamless real-time risk intelligence, alerts, and information.
Key Features
Dashboards and Reports

Access built-in reports and dashboards that provide real-time insights for faster, better decision making.
Offline Access

Perform varied risk, compliance and audit tasks offline and seamlessly synchronize data.
Notifications and Alerts

Send and receive emails and messages securely.

Review and approve assessments, action plans; make better, faster decisions right from your mobile device. 

Customer Experience