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Safeguard Your Business and Reputation with Active Cyber Risk Management



Measure Your Program Outcomes

  • 66%
  • reduction in the time taken to complete risk assessments

  • 37%
  • cost savings in risk assessment and related processes

  • 50%
  • time savings in tracking and linking policies to regulations

Source: Based MetricStream customer responses and GRC Journey Business Value Calculator
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Automate and Enhance Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Processes

MetricStream CyberGRC helps organizations actively manage cyber risk through an IT and Cyber Risk and Compliance Framework that aligns with established security standards so you can pass IT audits more efficiently and get buy-in from top management. Gain comprehensive visibility into the overall IT risk posture and cybersecurity investment priorities. Get your IT and Cyber Compliance program up and running quickly with pre-packaged content and industry frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST CSF, and NIST SP800-53, and map policies to IT controls and policy exceptions. Leverage best practices, insightful reporting, and risk quantification. 

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How Our CyberGRC Helps You

Actively Manage IT and Cyber Risks

Adopt a streamlined, proactive, and business-driven approach to IT and cyber risk management and mitigation. Define and maintain data on IT and cyber risks, assets, processes, and controls. Assess, quantify, monitor, and manage IT and cyber risks using industry-standard IT risk assessment frameworks, such as NIST, ISO, and more. Manage issues through a closed-loop process of issue investigation, action planning, and remediation.

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Ensure Compliance with Cyber Regulations

Manage and monitor IT and cyber compliance processes based on various security frameworks and standards. Create and maintain a central structure of the overall IT and cyber compliance hierarchy. Link IT and cyber compliance controls and assessment activities based on your organization’s specific security requirements. Structure and streamline the processes for documenting, investigating, and resolving IT compliance and control issues.

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Streamline Management of IT and Cyber Policies and Documents

Enable a systematic approach to IT policy management across business units, divisions, and global locations. Easily create policies – either by entering the required information into the system or by uploading an existing policy as an attachment. Strengthen IT compliance by linking IT and cyber policies to asset classes, requirements, risks, controls, processes, and organizations. Trigger policy review and revision cycles through automated notifications and task assignments.

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Keep Vendor Risks in Check

Identify, assess, mitigate, and monitor IT vendor risks while also managing vendor compliance. Leverage automated workflows to accelerate registration and onboarding processes of IT vendors, conduct risk assessments, continuous vendor monitoring, and risk mitigation. Simplify due diligence by leveraging pre-defined questionnaires to assess vendor risks. Leverage powerful reports and analytics to gain deeper insights into vendor risks, compliance, and performance.

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Simplify Management of Threats and Vulnerabilities

Proactively identify, collate, prioritize, track, and remediate cyber and information security threats and vulnerabilities. Gain a unified view of threat and vulnerability information imported and consolidated from multiple sources. Determine combined risk ratings for business assets based on the vulnerability severity and the asset criticality rating for better-informed decisions on vulnerability remediation strategies.

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Quantify Cyber Risk in Business Terms

Express your cyber risk exposure in monetary terms to analyze and communicate risk. With support from the FAIR model, accurately determine the monetary impact of cyber risks like data breaches, identity theft, infrastructure downtime, etc. Leverage simulation techniques for transforming range-based estimates into more accurate values. Enable executives to better prioritize cyber investments and drive alignment between cyber programs and the overarching risk management strategy.

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Automate Compliance with Continuous Control Monitoring

Enable autonomous testing and monitoring of your cloud security controls instead of manual testing and evidence collection. Proactively identify vulnerabilities and control weaknesses to strengthen cloud security. Automate and improve your compliance posture by mapping cloud security controls with your internal controls that are in line with compliance standards, such as HIPAA, NIST CSF, PCI, and ISO 27001.

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Automate Control Testing and Evidence Collection

Automatically retrieve control testing results and evidence against industry standards and frameworks for all org-wide controls -- custom, application-specific, multi-cloud, and on-premise controls -- on a single dashboard. Gain comprehensive visibility into active assessments, controls and accounts in scope of the assessments, specific resources on which controls were executed, and control testing results along with JSON evidence.

How Our CyberGRC Benefits Your Business

  • Build confidence with executive management, the board, and regulators by demonstrating a robust, enterprise-level approach to IT and cyber risk and compliance management
  • Gain real-time visibility into cyber risks, including IT vendor risks, and threat exposure as well as mitigation measures through risk quantification and contextual risk information across processes and assets
  • Improve efficiency by correlating vulnerabilities with IT assets and prioritizing remediation efforts based on the areas of highest criticality
  • Quantify cyber risk in business and monetary terms, enabling proactive communication and management of risk exposure

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